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Domain Registration  
  Web Design

At New Era Webtech we can help you with our unique approach of designing business and customer oriented web resources that


  Software Development

To Compete in this extermely aggressive world of business we build mobile to applications that allow your business to be vibrant and supple


  Web Application Development

At New Era Webtech, we offer fully customized web development service based on the client's requirements and their business goals.


  E-commerce Solutions

E-commerce is the latest mantra for selling your products/services across the globe. With the availability of online payment gateway


  About Us  
New Era Webtech is a fast growing customised Software and web site development company. New Era Webtech is providing services in the field of Website Designing and Customised Software. We provides complete range of web solution.


Ecommerce Solutions

B2B Ecommerce:- We provide web ecommerce services which include ecommerce shopping cart, impressive ecommerce web designs and efficient payment gateway integration. We have designed many ecommerce websites till date. We have been eminently known in the market for our reliable and unmatched ecommerce solutions. New Era Webtech field of ecommerce services, web designing and many more...


Endoscopy Software

This Software will displays the live video of patient surgery on computer screen .The existing system is being improved so that the data can be stored properly in a database and accessible to multiple users. Report will be generated through this software as per the requirements. The Software comprises of the underlying module


Dynamic Website

HTML & DHTML , ASP & Flash along with Photoshop tools used to bring best presentable website design along with database driven home page to show scrolling of latest news , Birthday wishes , seminars and other promotional contents. These contents can be updated thru Dynamic content manager in Admin Control as and when you feel required to change yourself. Filling of forms like Feedback, Enquiries, queries etc also provided which will be delivered to database reports and emails of administrator.


Hotel Management Software

Online hotel management software is a comprehensive hotel reservation system that allows you to control, regulate and administer online reservations in the simplest way possible. When you are in the hospitality management business, your motto is always, "Customer first" or "the guest is right". You have to please the guest, keep your customers happy, fulfill their needs and ensure they are at ease, comfort at all times.



MLM Software

This software is basically designed for the network marketing and selling of products or goods through various distributors. In other words MLM is an alternate channel to manufacture products to market. It is stepwise marketing system in which the goal of salesperson is not only to buy and sell the product but also recruit others to buy and sell the product.


E-Learning Portal

E-Learning Software manages the delivery of self-paced, e-learning courses. Our E-Learning Software lets you publish courses and place them in an online catalog. Learners log into the our E-Learning Software using a browser, select courses from the catalog and launch them. Our E-Learning Software tracks the learners' activities with the courses. Our E-Learning Software provides online reports for each course and learner.


Web Disigning

At New Era Webtech we can help you with our unique approach of designing business and customer oriented web resources that makes your website special one out of the millions. We not only deliver websites with impressive looks but also aim to create an effective online presence that can represent the best image and identity of your business. Apart from being impressive, all websites are W3C validated, fast loading and highly usable.



Our Bulk-Mailing have all the features for a successful Bulk Mailing Software like capable to send more mail per day, automatic bulk mail subscription and un-subscription option,


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